Business Consultancy

Maximising the use of existing resources available to achieve desired business results is crucial. More importantly, does the Company have the necessary tools to stay ahead within the industry or even to sustain its market share in an increasingly competitive environment?

In today’s knowledge-based economy, BusinessAsia Consulting assists our clients with intermediary services covering Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital ventures, Operational and other forms of Strategic partnerships. Our services are backed up by a regional network of intermediaries and professional consultants who assist us with deal flows, deal structuring, corporate finance, due diligence and legal services.

We assist our clients to improve their businesses with diverse coverage including:

  • Fundamental Risks Mitigation
  • Strategic Opportunities Development
  • Strategic Acquisitions, Partnerships and Divestments
  • Internal Restructuring for Optimal Performance
  • Key Human Capital Development
  • Recent Market Transactions Data
  • Ideation for Capital Markets Activities
  • Activities concerning the 4Ps

Within legal and ethical boundaries, we also provide market or competitve Intelligence by systematically gathering, analyzing and managing information on your competitors. It may include activities such as networking with industry experts, examining public media, corporate publications, patent or intellectual property filings, specialised databases and information at trade shows to collate and analyse data. Beyond mere collection of widely available factual information, we seek to provide a perspective aimed at yielding the desired competitive advantage for our clients.

By virtue of our proven track record and extensive network with large corporations which are moving up the value chain or increasing market share through organic growth, M&A or co-investment initiatives, we have often been invited to take part in intermediary roles for M&A, Private Equity / Venture Capital and Debt Financing transactions which are new-to-market or beyond our usual practice areas.

Selected Assignments

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